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Bronx bankruptcy law firm shares news about a hacker attack in response to the arrest of members of an antipoverty group

A hacker group has been attacking websites for the City of Orlando in retaliation for the arrest of members of an antipoverty group, The New York Times reports. “Citing Homeless Law, Hackers Turn Sights on Orlando,” The New York Times, Friday, July 1, 2011.

The hacker group is Anonymous. In the past they claimed responsibility for disabling the websites of MasterCard and the Church of Scientology.

The people arrested belong to a group called Orlando Food Not Bombs. This group offers vegan and vegetarian meals twice a week to homeless people.

But the City of Orlando arrested members of this group. According to the city, they are not complying with a 2006 ordinance that requires organizations to have a permit to give food to groups of 25 people or more in downtown parks. This ordinance was passed after residents and business owners complained about the feedings. After this new rule, any group is limited to two permits per year per park. As of early July, more than 25 members of Orlando Food Not Bombs were arrested.

Because of these arrests, Anonymous hacked the websites of the city’s leading redevelopment organization, the local Fraternal Order of Police, and the mayor’s re-election campaign. “Anonymous believes that people have the right to organize, that people have the right to give to the less fortunate and that people have the right to commit acts of kindness and compassion,” the group explained in a news release and video posted on You-Tube. “However, it appears the police and your lawmakers of Orlando do not.”

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