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Bank of America still finds themselves in the courtroom for their 2008 actions

Withholding important information from their shareholders results in Bank of American Corporation paying a high monetary settlement, as reported by Reuters in an online article published September 28th, 2012. Bank of America will be paying $2.43 million to shareholders who bought shares of the investment bank Merrill Lynch & Co. as a settlement for holding…Continue Reading

Radio station may be playing their last tune after filing for bankruptcy

Pembrook Pines Mass Media a New York media company may be able to keep their radio station assets according to an October 2, 2012 New York Law Journal article. Back in 2009 a default judgment was entered against Pembrook Pines Mass Media and Pfuntner for defaulting on their loans. Along with the judgment a forbearance…Continue Reading

Libor scandal affects consumers too writes a Bronx bankruptcy attorney

After information regarding Libor manipulation surfaced, investigations began and fines were imposed on both sides of the Atlantic. Libor stands for London Interbank Offer Rate. This rate is calculated every weekday based on bank-supplied information and is one of the world’s most important numbers in finance. It determines how expensive it is for banks to…Continue Reading

Proposed law seeks to limit debt collectors in nonprofit hospitals

Patients in nonprofit hospitals have been reporting recently that they have been questioned and harassed by debt collectors. Often, this occurs even before treatment and debt collectors even solicit patients in the emergency room according to NPR’s June 27, 2012 article. Tore solve this issue, there have been congressional hearings called for by Senator Al…Continue Reading

New York Court Ruled that Collecting Agency Cannot Compel Arbitration on Behalf of Verizon & AT&T

A recent ruling, published in the New York Law Journal on September 9, 2011, has determined that the collection agency, Collecto, had no right to force arbitration on collection claims from AT&T and Verizon on former customers who failed to pay their bills. Judge Spatt declared that under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the…Continue Reading

Advising against illegal practices involving the collection of decedent’s debts

  If a debt collector is going to communicate with the debtor’s spouse, parent (in case of a minor), guardian, executor, administrator, or someone with the authority to pay the decedent’s debts, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), as well as related case law, prohibits the creditor from several practices, the New York Law…Continue Reading