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Large New York-based multinational law firm tried to end its leases after it filed bankruptcy

Recently, the bankrupt law firm Dewey and LeBoeuf tried to terminate 25 leases. Fourteen of these leases were throughout the United States and the rest were in other countries according to a June 20, 2012 Thomson Reuters article. As the company shuts down, it has realized that it had no use for the office space,…Continue Reading

Bronx bankruptcy lawyer comments on New York jurisdiction in Federal Housing cases

  An October 13th, 2011 New York Law Journal article reported that the Federal Housing Finance Agency filed 13 of their lawsuits against some of the world’s largest financial institutions in the New York federal court . The agency additionally filed four in the New York state court and one in the Connecticut court system.…Continue Reading

NYU Professors Suggest Changes to Housing Finance System

Recent concern over the mortgage crisis has send hundreds of economists scrambling to find solutions to the financial crisis, in particular the housing finance system. While many argue for the continuation of direct assistance to those struggling with their mortgages, three professors at NYU Stern have suggested an alternative approach. According to an August 30,…Continue Reading