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Failure to provide all of the information leads the court to deny New York woman’s bankruptcy

A New York Bankruptcy judge denied a woman’s petition for bankruptcy after finding that there were numerous inaccuracies in the application, as reported by the New York Law Journal in a September 17th, 2012 article.

The woman sought relief through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy but the court found that she failed to list all of her rental income. In addition to the failure of listing the properties, the woman also failed to properly inform the court of money transfers to her husband and daughter. These transfers exceeded $101,000 and led the bankruptcy trustee to deny the bankruptcy discharge.

The trustee’s decision was appealed by the woman. However the district court found that the woman’s appeal was not untimely, but upon reviewing the case de novo the court upheld the decision. The district court found that the bankruptcy court properly denied the petition for the woman’s lack of truthfulness.

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